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Discover our wide range of sealing machines for every need and benefit from customized solutions.

Our sealing machines meet all these requirements and set new standards in terms of precision, performance and reliability. They are equipped with the latest technology and offer a wide range of functions that make your work easier and improve the quality of your packaging. We are your competent partner for sealing technology and offer you everything from a single source. From advice and planning to delivery and maintenance of your sealing machine, we are there for you.


The MEDIMAT is our innovative heat-sealing machine, specially designed for use in clean rooms.

The multilingual operation, individual customisation options and various options such as drawers in the base frame make it extremely versatile. The use of customised sealing tools from HAGMANN Tec AG is crucial for optimum performance. The MEDIMAT combines technical precision, user-friendliness and flexibility and is the ideal solution for various cleanroom applications.

Discover the new Easypacker - a compact and practical solution for fast packaging of blister packs.


The Easypacker is a qualifiable sealing machine for blister packs. It offers reliable sealing, precise temperature control, touchscreen operation and options such as qualification documentation, audit trail and production data acquisition. The sealing tools (attachment, support plate, sealing plate) are optionally available with lifting plate and QR code. Technical data, dimensions and infrastructure requirements are available on request.


The POWER PACKER 2311 is a high-performance heat-sealing machine for blister packs, qualifiable according to GAMP5. With an inox casing, it enables hermetically tight seals. The machine offers precise temperature control, simple operation via a touch screen, and various options such as qualification documentation, audit trail, production data recording and more. The sealing tools consist of an attachment, support plate and sealing plate, with optional lifting plate and QR code. Technical data, dimensions and infrastructure requirements are detailed and an annual service with calibration is offered.

Our space-saving and high-performance Foliomat is ideal for packaging small items in blister packs. Our advanced technology guarantees the highest quality standards. Trust us for your packaging solutions.

Folio machine

Excellent Swiss craftsmanship: Our machines are manufactured 100% in Switzerland. From high-quality engineering and precise assembly to thorough testing and qualification - everything takes place on our own premises. We are proudly committed to quality that not only sets standards, but also inspires and impresses our customers in every respect.

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