About us

About us

Welcome to HAGMANN TEC AG – your competent family-owned stock corporation since 1982. With a dedicated team of 60 employees, we are proud to offer innovative solutions in the areas of heat-sealing machines, blister packaging, washing machines, laminar flow boxes, nitrogen ovens and first-class services.

Our goals

Our primary goal is to gain satisfied new customers in the following market segments.

  • Manufacturer of implants and medical products
  • Manufacturer of surgical instruments
  • Manufacturer of dental products
  • Pharmaceutical production and research
  • Laboratory operations
  • Hospitals
  • Watch industry
  • Hygiene companies in food production
We rely on direct contacts to maintain our existing customer base and provide excellent customer service. A further aim is to build up resellers abroad and to acquire new customers, particularly in contract machining and the manufacture of mechanical and electromechanical assemblies.
Our products and services

Our products and services are characterised by the highest quality and precision. In addition to specialising in the manufacture of high-quality heat-sealing machines for medical products, food and general products, we offer customised sealing tools with specially developed silicone profiles as well as blister and thermoforming tools.

In our cleanroom, we rely on advanced technologies and strict quality standards to ensure that our blister packs meet the highest hygiene requirements. Production in the cleanroom ensures a clean and controlled environment and compliance with all necessary standards for the manufacture of medical devices.

Our quality control department, equipped with all the necessary measuring equipment including a 3D measuring machine, ensures the quality of our products. At HAGMANN TEC AG, we emphasise first-class products, trust and reliability for our customers.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the manufacture of milled parts with vertical and horizontal machining centres, we are leaders in the industry. We offer precisely manufactured milled parts for prototypes, small series and series parts. This modern production technology not only ensures the highest quality, but also efficiency and flexibility.